Thursday, 22 May 2014

I'm really sorry about the lack of detail in my recent post but I've been so busy with exams and all... but there is good news! Next week is my last week of exams and then I'll be back to showing you the top 5 songs, the worst, and the best TV shows!!!

This week's TV show is...


"The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural–romance television series created by Kevin Williamson based on the novels of the same name by author L. J. Smith."

Plot Summary so far...
Vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore have returned to Mystic falls, the place where their past love, Katherine Pierce, also the woman responsible for turning them. When they return there is still some rivalry between the two and that intensifies when they meet Elena Gilbert, doppelgänger of Katherine who looks identical.

They encounter many problems such as the Original Vampires who can't be permanently killed, especially Klaus who is a hybrid (Original Vampire and Warewolf) and is basically invinsible. Lots of people try to kill Elena, try to turn her into a vampire and Damon keeps his badboy act up.

This part of the show killed me a little inside! When Elena is forced to choose between the two brothers, she chooses Stefan, and tells heartbroken Damon, "Maybe if you and I had met first..." it could have been him. Little did she know that Damon did meet her first. He met her and fell inlove instantly, but erased this moment from her memory. He later tells her that he doesn't deserve her, and that Stefan does.
I ship #DELENA !!
A lot of things happen between season 1 and season 5 but the season 5 finale has had me in tears nonstop!
(SPOILER! SPOILER! Don't say I didn't warn you)
Damon and Elena are together, as when Elena was turned, her feelings changed and she fell for Damon (YES!). But in the finale Damon decides to sacrifice himself to bring back the ones they love from the dead before the other side is completely destroyed, however Elena demands to go with him. The plan is to drive their car into the Mystic Fall's Grill after the gas has been left on, so it explodes while it is filled with travellers who will not help, and when their friend Bonnie (Witch) brings back the dead from the other side, they will both come back too.
Just before Damon passes through, after everyone else has gone, the other witches stop the spell and Damon can't return. Just before the other side is destroyed, Damon visits Elena one last time, and while she can't hear him, he tells her he loves her and that,"You are by far the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth." :'( *CRIES AGAIN*
Bonnie and him then hold hands and stare into the distance as everything goes white.
Elena (and Damon) crying over his death.

Bonnie and Damon.

If Damon does not return I actually don't know what I'll do. Sorry, massive fangirl and lover of Damon Salvatore (and Ian Somerhalder) :'(

See you next week!

Friday, 16 May 2014

My School Bag Essentials

Hello lovelies,
Happy Friday! I hope you've had a brilliant week. This Fab Friday I will be showing you my school bag essentials...

We are at school for MANY hours , five days a week. Sometimes it feels like the school day is taking an eternity to end or sometimes the school day tends to go at the speed of light and before you know it your on the bus home.
Either way my school bag essentials help me through the day, and hopefully they will help you too :)
So lets begin...

So you're in class working like the studious saint you are, and you accidently touch a fresh piece of chewing gum under the table , GROSS! For these disgusting situations, I always carry around a hand sanitiser or wet wipes. You never know when you gonna need one.

Another thing I like to carry around with me (mainly in Winter) is a hand cream or moisturiser. Because I dont know about you but my skin in winter goes so dry and scaly, so for me I just carry around a mini hand cream or lotion. Also because I just enjoy being the saint of a friend, that everyone can come to for lotion ;)

My next essential is a must! And that is deodorant, because its kind of self explanitory . You don't want to be all smelly and sweaty , right?
Also running along with the smelly topic, body spray or perfume is something I carry in my school bag for when you want to smell extra delicious! I personally like taking the smaller sized bottles rather than a full sized one.

Beyonce-Heat, Revlon 'Charlie" body spray, Sex in the City Kiss, The Body Shop Perfume Oils in Madagascan Vanilla and Japanese Cherry Blossom. Dettol Healthy Touch Hand Sanitiser, Vicks Inhaler, Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Lotion and Dove invisible Dry roll on deodorant

I have a little tiny container filled with bobby pins and hair ties, to stop me from losing them and going astray as well as a mini hair brush. Lets face it we all have bad hair days and it sucks!

Next thing I take is an unnecessary amount of lip products. I will always have a lip balm pot , a chap stick and a papaw ointment on me at all times. Also if I am wearing a coloured gloss or lip stick I will chuck that in my school bag also! Also a little mirror to help you apply it.

The next things I have depend on the weather , an umbrella or brolli and I like a little vicks inhaler because it unblocks my nose in Spring and Winter and it just smells sooo amazing too.

My non beauty essentials include:
  • Some food- I like having my own lunch rather than wait in line for over priced food...
  • A water bottle- gotta keep hydrated
  • The books I need for the day
  • A book to read- I am currently reading The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak (AMAZING)
  • A pencil case and calculator
  • My wallet with my I.D and a little bit of money
  • Annnddd a tiny beauty bag filled with "girly things" , because 'it' can sometimes sneak up on us and we want to be 100% prepared for it. (another use for wet wipes)
  • My phone and headphones
So that concludes this Fab Friday, I hope this was helpful in some way and that you enjoyed it !

~ Gabby xo

Thursday, 15 May 2014


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and week so far and you're ready for this weeks tunes and shows!

This week and next week I'll only be doing the top song on the chart, but as soon as all this post-exam stress is over, I'll be back to the usual top 5!!
  1. Making it's way to the top of the iTunes chart this week is... none other than Justice Crew's 'Que Sera'! Not only is this such a catchy song, but the lyrics literally mean "whatever will be, will be". How inspiring. It also helps that the crew are quite attractive... hehe
☆☆☆☆☆ I rate it, 9½ out of 10 ☆☆☆☆☆

This week's TV show is...


Life in the Hamptons has been getting fiery as the vengeful Amanda Clarke who is posing as 'Emily Thorne' is determined to fulfil her revenge on all those who assisted in her father's murder (David Clarke) ever so many years ago. Whilst the Graysons have been and will be in the foreseeable future, her main targets, complications may arise as one of them figures out her deadly secret. "Because when everything you love has been stolen from you, someone has to pay."

This season is sure to have you on the edge of your seats THE ENTIRE TIME, and while the season finale and the episodes leading up to it haven't aired in Australia just yet, I know that this is going to be one hell of a finale! Secrets will unravel, the unthinkable will happen, and the most shocking secret of the series will be revealed! I'll leave you with something to consider... did they ever find her father's body...? "They say vengeance taken will tear the heart and torment the conscience".

☆☆☆☆☆ I rate it, 10 out of 10 ☆☆☆☆☆
Amanda Clarke (aka Emily Thorne) and her childhood sweetheart Jack Porter whom is now in on her secret and is prepared to do whatever it takes to help her find comfort.
All grown up, I still personally wish for a happy ending for Jack and Emily. Emily has lied to him and he, to her, but despite all of this, she's willing to give up all of her work for his safety, and because deep down, she knows she still loves him. Jack knows Emily's deepest darkest secrets and all of the bad she's done, but he's still there for her as he always has been.
(Left to right)
Daniel Grayson (Emily's ex-husband whom she used to get close to the Graysons), Emily, Victoria Grayson.
Is her father really dead?...
Hope you liked this week's Thursday post! I'll keep you updated every week! And don't forget to check out the latest hits and shows and see for yourself just how great, and not so great, they really are.
Thankyou! xx

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Solange and Jay-Z incident plus Mysterious Kylie Jenner

As you have probably heard, Jay Z and Beyonce's sister Solange, got in a rather physical fight in the elevator on the night of the Met Gala!
And no this is not some suspicion because of what looks like a bruise on Jay-Z's elbow or something stupid like that, there is full on evidence. As in a video of Solange looking like she belongs in 'the conjuring', like she is kicking and waking her brother-in-law, sadly there is no audio to this video... however I guess we can make our own assumptions about what happened that night. Personally I have no idea like I can't even come up with some joke about what happened, so yeah I will leave that to the professionals haha. Funny thing about this situation is that Beyonce just stands there like 'oh', I mean c'mon girl! Bey prides herself on being completely fierce but then just watches!!! Where's Sasha when you need her?

The good news is that they have made up and were spotted shopping yesterday :D

This week Kylie Jenner also left us confused when she posted this instagram pic-

And she captioned it "dont mean to make you feel how I was feeling"
Yeah so I have no idea, maybe she like wants to make somebody jealous? I really need to improve my detective skills. Whatever it is she is talking about though, it cannot possibly be that serious. I mean the girl lives in a mansion and is beautiful like I don't know what else she could want. Well except for a half or step sister who isn't completely self-obsessed. 
Have a fab week!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Hello to all the Teens out there!
"How's it going bros? My name is PewDiePie!" -PewDiePie
This week I'll be talking to you about the weird and wacky, PewDiePie!
A bit of background knowledge on PewDiePie:
  • His real name is Felix Kjellberg and he is a 24 year old Swedish YouTuber.
  • Pewds was born on the 24th of October, 1989.
  • He lives with his girlfriend, Marzia, and two dogs.
  • PewDiePie's fans are called 'Bros' and they are part of the 'BroArmy'.
 I assume that most of you have heard of him and if you haven't, I strongly suggest that you click this link:

PewDiePie is the number 1 most subscribed Youtuber with 26.6 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! That is more than the entire population of Australia! His videos mainly come under 2 categories; GamePlays and 'Fridays with PewDiePie'.

PewDiePie plays a range of popular games from console games to apps for phones or tablets. Most of the games that Pewds plays are in the Horror Genre but some are played just for the laughs.
My favourite GamePlays by PewDiePie are:
Skate 3
Amnesia- PewDiePie's Revenge
Dumb Ways to Die/ Flappy Bird

Fridays with PewDiePie
Most Fridays, PewDiePie uploads a video, either answering questions/comments, playing games with Marzia or just being his funny self. My favourite 'Fridays with PewDiePie' videos are:
New Viral Dance Move!
Drawing Youtubers
Are you a True Fan?
Worlds Most Offensive Game

I rate PewDiePie and his fabulous videos 10/10!!!!
See you all next Tuesday! :)



Monday, 12 May 2014

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Welcome back to another Monday movie/book session!
 The secret life of Walter Mitty was released late last year and automatically I thought it was an 'old peoples movie' but never have I been so wrong.
It is set in modern day society where Walter a middle age man is single and likes a women from work. Walter is a day dreamer and often leaps into a world of his own oblivious to what is happening around him. He lacks confidence and experience in the world. He begins as an awkward character who you just want to set right! Somehow Walter sets off around the world in search of a missing photo from an adventurous photographer. He fights a shark in freezing water, travels the Himalayas, escapes an erupting volcano and unravels his mystery.
The actors portray the story effectively and the film techniques along with the beautiful scenery create a masterpiece. The secret life of Walter Mitty is a comedy/adventure/drama which will make you laugh hysterically and feel warmth in your heart. I recommend this movie for family's or anyone wanting their day to be uplifted!
I rate it 8/10!
See you next week :) Gillian

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Friday, 9 May 2014

First Fab Friday


Hello lovelies ,
Happy Friday and welcome to the first Being Teen beauty, fashion and lifestyle part of our blog !

Just a quick disclaimer before we get into things :) I am in no way an expert with these things , makeup, fashion  and all things girly, has always been something I enjoy and I am always open to suggestions to improve. With that said let's get into it !

To start off my first ever post I'm just going to go through a few of my favourite products, looks and let you know a little bit about me .

First things first , My name is Gabby .

I am a firm believer in feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Sometimes we feel as though peoples eyes are burning a hole in our face. Don't stress though ,  that feeling gets to the best of  us !  After all, everyone has there insecurities .

My favourite product at the moment is Lucas' Papaw Ointment , this stuff is a life saver ! No exaggeration , it is seriously one of the best products I have ever used in my entire life ! Before I get all hysterical over an ointment , let me explain . This papaw ointment can be used in sooo many ways, it's amazing because not only is it perfect for dried up, crackly lips , but it also helps heal insect bites, burns , chafing and boils. Also if you dab a tiny bit of it onto your wrists before you spray perfume, it's the scent linger on your skin for longer ! I literally carry one everywhere I go , I have one in my purse, one in my school bag , one next to my bed and a big pot in my bathroom . I guess one would say I am slightly obsessed !

When it comes to shopping I'm not fussy at all , but just like any girl out there I have my favourite shops that I never just walk past. Lets be real here , as hard as we try , sometimes it's just to hard to restist that tiny voice in our head that tells us to spend all our money! My favourite places to shop difinitely has to be :

The Body Shop- I love the body shop so much, everytime I go in there I come out with a bag filled with products. Their stuff is not only really beneficial for my skin but smells delicious aswell. My favourite scent at the moment is probably the scent Sweet Pea.

Brazil Nut body butter, Sweet Pea body butter, Clear mascara, Lime and Coconut body lotion, Perfume Oils- Madagascan Vanilla and Japanese Cherry Blosson

Sportsgirl- Sportsgirl is an amazing clothes shop. Their clothes do range in price but everything is such good quality. If you have no clue what Sportsgirl is, it is basically like an Australian version of Brandy Melville. They have something for everyone, their patterns are beautiful and are just so diverse with their range. I really think you should check them out!

Well, that concludes this weeks post from me. I hope you enjoyed it , next week I will be showing you my school bag essentials :) Thanks for reading in on this Fabulous Friday.

~ Gabby xo