Monday, 5 May 2014


Welcome to our Being Teen blog! I'm Gillian and every Monday I'll be letting you know the best movies and books out! This is the first movie/book post and we are all so excited to be starting our blog! Let the blogging begin...
Divergent is an amazing movie and an even better book. It has a mix of action, romance and science fiction and creates what I see as one of the best movie and books of the year! It is set in the future in now days Chicago which has been fenced off and divided into factions in order to survive. The factions are based on a trait and live according to that- Candor: always speaks the truth. Amity: believes in peace and are like hippies. Dauntless: are brave and protect the city. Abnegation: selfless, they live to help others. Eriudite: are smart and are eager to learn.
Tris (the main protagonist) has to choose where she belongs knowing she may have to leave her family behind.  Her choice will decide who she is and will dictate her future. Yet Tris faces a problem she has aptitude for more than one faction, she is divergent. Divergence is dangerous. 
This is an enthralling read which will keep you hungry for more. The movie is great but doesn't live up to the book and can be a let down as it changes some events from the book. I strongly recommend reading and watching Divergent and joining teenagers all over the world in this phenomenon! 
I give the book 10/10 and the movie 9/10 :)

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