Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Piano Tiles

Hey guys, my name is Keely!

Tuesday is the day for Gamers, YouTube fanatics and App enthusiasts! Every week I will update you on everything from awesome games to who is the most subscribed person/group on YouTube!

This week, it is the App that has made every one go crazy, Piano Tiles. Not only is this game EXTREMELY addictive but it is also very difficult.
The aim of the game is to tap on only the black tiles. This may seem easy but it is harder than it sounds! There are 5 different game modes just for your convenience. These include Classic, Arcade, Zen, Rush and Relay.
In some modes, you're timed until either, you hit a white tile or reach the end. Beating your fastest time is always fun!
I have enjoyed playing this game and if you don't have it already, I strongly recommend that you stop what you're doing and download it right away!
This app is available for free on most Apple products and Androids (It is called 'Don't Tap The White Tile' on the Play Store).

I give this app a 9/10. There could be some improvements but overall, it is a fantastic game!

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