Friday, 16 May 2014

My School Bag Essentials

Hello lovelies,
Happy Friday! I hope you've had a brilliant week. This Fab Friday I will be showing you my school bag essentials...

We are at school for MANY hours , five days a week. Sometimes it feels like the school day is taking an eternity to end or sometimes the school day tends to go at the speed of light and before you know it your on the bus home.
Either way my school bag essentials help me through the day, and hopefully they will help you too :)
So lets begin...

So you're in class working like the studious saint you are, and you accidently touch a fresh piece of chewing gum under the table , GROSS! For these disgusting situations, I always carry around a hand sanitiser or wet wipes. You never know when you gonna need one.

Another thing I like to carry around with me (mainly in Winter) is a hand cream or moisturiser. Because I dont know about you but my skin in winter goes so dry and scaly, so for me I just carry around a mini hand cream or lotion. Also because I just enjoy being the saint of a friend, that everyone can come to for lotion ;)

My next essential is a must! And that is deodorant, because its kind of self explanitory . You don't want to be all smelly and sweaty , right?
Also running along with the smelly topic, body spray or perfume is something I carry in my school bag for when you want to smell extra delicious! I personally like taking the smaller sized bottles rather than a full sized one.

Beyonce-Heat, Revlon 'Charlie" body spray, Sex in the City Kiss, The Body Shop Perfume Oils in Madagascan Vanilla and Japanese Cherry Blossom. Dettol Healthy Touch Hand Sanitiser, Vicks Inhaler, Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Lotion and Dove invisible Dry roll on deodorant

I have a little tiny container filled with bobby pins and hair ties, to stop me from losing them and going astray as well as a mini hair brush. Lets face it we all have bad hair days and it sucks!

Next thing I take is an unnecessary amount of lip products. I will always have a lip balm pot , a chap stick and a papaw ointment on me at all times. Also if I am wearing a coloured gloss or lip stick I will chuck that in my school bag also! Also a little mirror to help you apply it.

The next things I have depend on the weather , an umbrella or brolli and I like a little vicks inhaler because it unblocks my nose in Spring and Winter and it just smells sooo amazing too.

My non beauty essentials include:
  • Some food- I like having my own lunch rather than wait in line for over priced food...
  • A water bottle- gotta keep hydrated
  • The books I need for the day
  • A book to read- I am currently reading The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak (AMAZING)
  • A pencil case and calculator
  • My wallet with my I.D and a little bit of money
  • Annnddd a tiny beauty bag filled with "girly things" , because 'it' can sometimes sneak up on us and we want to be 100% prepared for it. (another use for wet wipes)
  • My phone and headphones
So that concludes this Fab Friday, I hope this was helpful in some way and that you enjoyed it !

~ Gabby xo

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