Monday, 12 May 2014

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Welcome back to another Monday movie/book session!
 The secret life of Walter Mitty was released late last year and automatically I thought it was an 'old peoples movie' but never have I been so wrong.
It is set in modern day society where Walter a middle age man is single and likes a women from work. Walter is a day dreamer and often leaps into a world of his own oblivious to what is happening around him. He lacks confidence and experience in the world. He begins as an awkward character who you just want to set right! Somehow Walter sets off around the world in search of a missing photo from an adventurous photographer. He fights a shark in freezing water, travels the Himalayas, escapes an erupting volcano and unravels his mystery.
The actors portray the story effectively and the film techniques along with the beautiful scenery create a masterpiece. The secret life of Walter Mitty is a comedy/adventure/drama which will make you laugh hysterically and feel warmth in your heart. I recommend this movie for family's or anyone wanting their day to be uplifted!
I rate it 8/10!
See you next week :) Gillian

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