Saturday, 3 May 2014


Hello and welcome to our blog! This blog is dedicated to keeping people updated on the latest crazes, news and reviews!
We will be posting Mondays-Fridays:
On Mondays hear all about the news to do with books and movies. Reviews of new ones, ones we miss, upcoming ones, look at this and you will never be fooled into reading a bad book or miss out on seeing the must see movie of the entire year!
Tuesdays will revolve around the internet or anything involving technology! What's the latest on youtube? Which game should I play? What app is gonna be the new flappy bird? Read all about it right here on Tuesdays!
Wednesdays are all about the latest celebrity news! Always know what's going on with the most famous right here. Never miss the new couples, break ups, rumors or any thing that is celebrity gossip.
Thursdays are for the music lovers and the TV freaks. You will know all that is pop music and find out television shows you'll love with this handy summary. I mean, who doesn't want to bee the first to know the new hit that it going to make it's way to the number 1 spot on iTunes?
And finally Fridays are for all the girly girls out there. Let your nail polish dry as you read up on everything beauty and fashion. What are some great tutorials? What's totally in right now? Plus all the celebrity fashion fails along with the undeniable fabulous moments.
You will never miss a beat with our amazing weekly summary for all teens. But don't be fooled into thinking this is gonna be all about the facts, I mean, what fun would this be if you didn't get to hear our incredibly teenage opinions?
See ya on Monday!

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