Friday, 9 May 2014

First Fab Friday


Hello lovelies ,
Happy Friday and welcome to the first Being Teen beauty, fashion and lifestyle part of our blog !

Just a quick disclaimer before we get into things :) I am in no way an expert with these things , makeup, fashion  and all things girly, has always been something I enjoy and I am always open to suggestions to improve. With that said let's get into it !

To start off my first ever post I'm just going to go through a few of my favourite products, looks and let you know a little bit about me .

First things first , My name is Gabby .

I am a firm believer in feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Sometimes we feel as though peoples eyes are burning a hole in our face. Don't stress though ,  that feeling gets to the best of  us !  After all, everyone has there insecurities .

My favourite product at the moment is Lucas' Papaw Ointment , this stuff is a life saver ! No exaggeration , it is seriously one of the best products I have ever used in my entire life ! Before I get all hysterical over an ointment , let me explain . This papaw ointment can be used in sooo many ways, it's amazing because not only is it perfect for dried up, crackly lips , but it also helps heal insect bites, burns , chafing and boils. Also if you dab a tiny bit of it onto your wrists before you spray perfume, it's the scent linger on your skin for longer ! I literally carry one everywhere I go , I have one in my purse, one in my school bag , one next to my bed and a big pot in my bathroom . I guess one would say I am slightly obsessed !

When it comes to shopping I'm not fussy at all , but just like any girl out there I have my favourite shops that I never just walk past. Lets be real here , as hard as we try , sometimes it's just to hard to restist that tiny voice in our head that tells us to spend all our money! My favourite places to shop difinitely has to be :

The Body Shop- I love the body shop so much, everytime I go in there I come out with a bag filled with products. Their stuff is not only really beneficial for my skin but smells delicious aswell. My favourite scent at the moment is probably the scent Sweet Pea.

Brazil Nut body butter, Sweet Pea body butter, Clear mascara, Lime and Coconut body lotion, Perfume Oils- Madagascan Vanilla and Japanese Cherry Blosson

Sportsgirl- Sportsgirl is an amazing clothes shop. Their clothes do range in price but everything is such good quality. If you have no clue what Sportsgirl is, it is basically like an Australian version of Brandy Melville. They have something for everyone, their patterns are beautiful and are just so diverse with their range. I really think you should check them out!

Well, that concludes this weeks post from me. I hope you enjoyed it , next week I will be showing you my school bag essentials :) Thanks for reading in on this Fabulous Friday.

~ Gabby xo

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