Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Met Gala!

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Okays so the Met Gala was yesterday and I am not the fashion section of the blog but let me just show you which outfits were my 3 favourites and 3 well, let's just say those outfits should never have seen the light of day.
Well bad news first I guess
#3-Katie Holmes

Um who invited Big Bird? Katie you are so pretty, why throw it away with this? I mean firstly not your colour, secondly this dress looks unfinished and I don't even understand the top part, it is a hot mess. And not to mention that wannabe cute messy hair which just looks out of place

#2-Shailene Woodley

I LOVE Shailene, but I mean I couldn't fake liking this dress because of Divergent. She would've looked much better if she had stuck to one faction, as in if she hadn't gotten a dress that looks like the torn up pieces of worst dresses in history and sewn them together. Shailene please pick up your fashion game. Love the Hazel hair though!

#1-Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita looked STUNNING at the golden globes but what is this? She looks like a bird that got trapped in a fishing net. I like the colour on her, but seriously it looks like one of the pieces of equipment at the children's playground near my house. Like this is way too 'beyond fashion' for me.

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Well that was a hard decision because there were honestly a lot of crazily terrible outfits. But let's get onto the good.
#3- Charlize Theron

This dress is gorgeous, Charlize looks like a star. It is dressy, but not overly heavy and sits on her perfectly. I love the black lines against the almost white dress, not to mention her hair and makeup! Simple yet beautiful!

#2- Kim Kardashian

Kim looked so elegant, I loved this dress on her. It stuck to the theme and the colour is so pretty and her hair looks lovely. So many people hate Kim and her reality shows (I am the kind of person who could watch KUK on repeat) but you cannot deny how gorgeous this dress is on her.

#1- Taylor Swift

Taylor. Wow. This is so amazing, T-Swizzle never ceases to amaze me with her great sense of style. It is exactly what the theme asks for and really this dress makes me smile, it fits her perfectly and she knows what works. I love how she keeps it personal with the eye-catching red lipstick and her hair just looks classy. You can never go wrong when you put a dress on Taylor.

Pictures- Source

Personally I found the Met Gala overwhelming with unreasonably cringe-worthy gowns but there were a few stand outs. I cannot be the only one thinking this because I mean c'mon did you see some of those dresses? Award shows are always going to be a fun time for Wednesdays on Being Teen.

Have a good week!

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